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Henties Bay Municipality, in its ongoing commitment to sustainable marine resource management, convened its inaugural consultation meeting on Recreational, Sports, and Artisanal Fishing Levies. This crucial gathering, held in collaboration with the Honorable Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, signifies a proactive approach towards ensuring the responsible utilization of our coastal resources.

Key Discussions:

During the consultation meeting, stakeholders engaged in constructive dialogue concerning the implementation of levies aimed at recreational, sports, and artisanal fishing activities. The discussions centered on the equitable distribution of these levies, ensuring that they contribute to the enhancement of local fishing communities while fostering the conservation of marine ecosystems.

Highlights of the Meeting:

Partnership with the Honorable Minister: The presence and active participation of the Honorable Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources underscored the government’s commitment to collaborative governance and inclusive decision-making processes.

Community Engagement: Representatives from recreational, sports, and artisanal fishing sectors, alongside local community leaders, shared their perspectives and insights, enriching the discourse with practical experiences and recommendations.

Policy Formulation: The consultation meeting served as a platform for stakeholders to provide input into the formulation of policies related to fishing levies, ensuring that they align with the socio-economic needs of local fishing communities while promoting sustainable fishing practices.

Transparency and Accountability: Transparency and accountability mechanisms were emphasized, ensuring that the revenue generated from fishing levies is utilized judiciously towards community development initiatives and marine conservation efforts.

Next Steps:

Following the productive discussions and deliberations at the consultation meeting, the Henties Bay Municipality is committed to:

  • Consolidating the feedback and recommendations from stakeholders.
  • Collaborating with relevant authorities to finalize and implement the framework for fishing levies.
  • Continuously engaging with local fishing communities to ensure their voices are heard throughout the implementation process.


The inaugural consultation meeting on Recreational, Sports, and Artisanal Fishing Levies marks a significant step towards fostering sustainable marine resource management in Henties Bay. By engaging stakeholders in participatory decision-making processes and promoting transparency and accountability, we reaffirm our dedication to balancing the socio-economic needs of our community with the imperative of preserving our precious marine ecosystems.

As we move forward, the Henties Bay Municipality remains committed to proactive and inclusive governance, ensuring that our coastal resources continue to thrive for the benefit of current and future generations.

Stay tuned for updates on the progress of our initiatives towards sustainable fisheries management and community development in Henties Bay.